Songs and Visions

Songs and Visions

I'm raising funds to release a double music studio album 'Songs & Visions' by 8 famous young adult stars of stage and screen from the UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

After years of waiting the time has come for me to give my lifelong project a go.

I've been working on this for a very long time and I know you are going to love this.

It's called 'Songs and Visions' and it's a long awaited double music studio album of original material to performed by 8 famous young adult stars of stage and screen from the UK who can sing as an all singing supergroup and it has a name - Mansfield Road.

The idea came to me after I saw all three High School Musical movies and listened to today's young talent. I thought it would be the best if 8 famous young adult stars of stage and screen from the UK with their amazing singing voices record the double music studio album of all 32 brand new songs in the United States.

It's expected to written by the leading songwriting giants, produced by 4 world famous award-winning record producers, record and mix in New Jersey and Los Angeles and master in Los Angeles.

It's expected to feature guest appearances by big name music superstars and well known musicians of past and present decades.

Their sound will be West Coast hip hop, contemporary R&B soul and adult contemporary pop.

Album pre-production begins on 17th April followed by rehearsals will take place from May 21st-May 24th, recording and mixing sessions in New Jersey and Los Angeles from June 1st-November 19th and mastering sessions in Los Angeles from December 2nd-December 5th.

The album fee will be £600,000 and that fee will pay everything including the executive producer credit and booking travel flights.

And lastly the album has a release date - 16th March 2018 in shops and digital outlets worldwide.

Each CD will be much longer.

I'm 32 years old and I'm from Reading in Berkshire but I'm originally from London.

I'm no stranger to music and singing - I've previously recorded some songs with my good musician pals James Eddings in Swindon and Graeme Rawson in Reading and wrote songs but I've stopped recently in favor of string of projects including this one.

There are strongest rewards you'll get to see and to hang out or to buy once the double music album is completed.

Please pledge this project so that it will go forward.

Thank you.

Lwazi Nkiwane