Solar Watts Registered for Charity

An Environment project Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Elon Musk is going to Mars 2022 if the Aliens Stop blowing up his Falcon Rockets

Elon Musk where are You? 

(Sung to Car 54 where are you theme song)

There's a man who's going to Mars

and he builds Electric Cars

From his Hot Tub glass of wine

Dreams of shattered Falcon nine

Bad ETs got in the way

and the media won't say...

Elon Musk where are you?

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau

the Pope is in the know...

Encyclical we pray

that pollution go away...

Cameron by name of James

heard about the Alien Flames

Unobtainium, where are you?

It's time to tell our Fans

about CO2 bans...

We're selling Solar Watts

before the Ocean Rots...

We have the World to thank

support Charity Bank

Beautiful Solar Rooftops where are you?

Economy will SLUMP

Is it Hillary or TRUMP

Movie got to do

and we'll make it look brand new

REALITY is here

and we got there without fear.

MARS MARS World where are you?