We are trying to raise money for solar panels for our school as part of our efforts to make the school a more sustainable place.

d6e42ed98d0003694a186c6a4b7746d0.pngFarlingaye High School is a state-funded converter academy with almost 2000 students from age 11-18. We are raising money to install solar panels onto the roof of the main school hall in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

This project is organised by the school Green Council, a group made up of students and staff who aim to make the school a more sustainable environment. We are very excited that we are raising money for solar panels. Previous projects have included:

  • improving the recycling within school with a dedicated recycling policy and a recycling bin in every one of over 140 classrooms and offices;
  • treeplanting in the school;
  • creating bird boxes and insect hotels to encourage wildlife in the school grounds;
  • litter picking in the community;
  • eliminating the use of polystyrene cups by the introduction of reusable cups and a washing up rota;
  • Raising money for environmental charities.

A renewable energy source has been a long-term aim of ours and we hope that these solar panels will not only reduce our carbon footprint and save energy and money but will also raise awareness within the school and the wider community.