Solar @ Karen Liddles Hartlepool

Click "Vote for Project to Win". Karen Liddle Dance school Hartlepool. Solar panels/ green energy for 25 years!

Karen Liddle School of Dance Hartlepool. Click "Vote for Project to Win"

Home to 100's of local children for lessons in dance 7 days a week and a venue for community fitness and wellbeing.

With this funding we will install a 7.5Kw roof mounted solar PV system onto the flat roof to supply our centre with green energy. With matching funding we will expand the installation to 10kW and install battery storage

Over the 25 years that the dance school has been established we have and continue to rely on fundraising and the generosity of parents and carers to contribute.  Our solar installation will provide the school with reduced energy costs (particularly in the summer months) when we need to run air conditioning and in the colder winter months run electric heating.

So vote for Karen Liddle School of Dance and keep our venue open for another 25 years powered by clean green solar energy!