#SOILYOURSELF: Bring Composting Toilets to Tandem!

Bring composting toilets to Tandem Festival!

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2015 we successfully raised £305 with 22 supporters in 21 days

What's going on?

Sometimes green poo is a good thing.

Tandem Festival is an intimate, international, and eco-friendly music festival held in Oxford, UK over the Summer Solstice weekend (June 19-21). Tandem is dedicated to bring new audiences to environmental sustainability through the arts.

Nearly everything is in place for a weekend-long aural feast of music and performers from near and far, inspiring skill-sharing workshops, and good old fireside dancing. All that's missing is a good waste management plan!

In this International Year of Soils, help us bring composting toilets to Tandem Festival!

Um...gross. Why? 

Tandem Festival will be held at Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, a 62 acre site that has been committed to environmental education for over 70 years.

Hill End has been looking to install compost toilets for a number of years because they:

  • Reduce water consumption 20-50%
  • Eliminate disruption to soils systems through pipeline installation
  • Stop leakeage of raw sewage into groundwater
  • Won't waste your waste! (i.e. have an end product that can be recycled)

However, due to planning restrictions and cost, this aim has yet to be realised.

Tandem Festival is a genuinely sustainable festival, working ’in Tandem’ with our hosts at Hill End Outdoor Education Centre to leave the site better than we found it.

So go ahead, #soilyourself! (Get it?) 

Where will the money go?

Together with your help, Tandem Festival will jump start Hill End’s move toward permanent composting toilets on site.

Your donations will go towards:

  • Building materials for the protoype loos
  • Running a workshop at the Tandem Skill Camp to build the prototypes
  • Planning permission and advice
  • Labour and materials for permanent loos

The impact?

Be the founding funders of a green, harmonious festival site movement, the impacts of which will endure long after the music is over.

  1. Reduce Tandem Festival’s environmental impact
  2. Permanently improve an outdoor education site in the heart of Oxfordshire
  3. Educate the huge numbers of children that visit Hill End every year on the joys of composting!

Other ways to help?

"I wish I could donate, but I'm struggling economically myself."

No worries! There are two other ways to help:

  1. Our biggest challenge is getting the word out. Please share this campaign on facebook, tweet about it, and/or literally shout about it from the rooftop!
  2. Tandem Festival is running a two week (June 7th-18th) Skills Camp in the lead up to the festival. All the workshops are led by skill-sharers from the Tandem community and are completely free. By taking part in the workshops you will be helping create this year's festival AND can learn useful new skills. 

All I really care about is the music, man...

We'll see if you're singing the same tune after a few homebrewed elderflower cordials at the festival site...But yes, you can also just buy a ticket to Tandem Festival HERE!

Sounds cool! Can I contact you?

'Course you can! Please email admin@tandemfestival.org


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