Social Enterprise of Baby Bedding Production

Social Enterprise of Baby Bedding Production

Please, help me to set a social enterprise to support children . I want to start a baby bedding production to help children in need.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 1st Dec 2016 our project closed

Life is meaningless if you do not have the wish to improve it. This is what I think about my life and have made up a social enterprise project to be able to Create and Make a Difference for me and others . It covers several aims: women empowerment, support to children and kindergartens which do not get governmental support and are in a very bad state, unemployment, poverty reduction.

The project is on a baby bedding production which will create a sustainable platform to generate funds which will solve the above mentioned problems. I want to create a brand and quality products which will resist competition in the global market.

The company will use part of its profit to solve the highlighted issues.

I hope that here I'll find my supporters who will not pass by indifferently. Hope to hear from you soon!