SNP Edinburgh Western - Toni Giugliano SE2016

Raising funds to help Toni Giugliano of the SNP win Edinburgh Western at the Holyrood election in May 2016.  

New stretch target

Any money we get above the target will be used to help our campaigning.

Friends,   We’re raising funds to ensure we HOLD Edinburgh Western at the Holyrood election in May. Our candidate Toni Giugliano is working tirelessly across the constituency, speaking to voters, supporting local campaigns and working on behalf of local residents. He can do a lot more if he is elected our MSP next year.  To give you an idea of campaign costs, £2,000 would pay for an A3 constituency-wide leaflet covering 38,000 doors. It could also contribute towards the rent and bills of a campaign hub which we hope to open next year in the constituency.   Any contribution will make a real difference to resourcing our campaign in Edinburgh Western.  With your help and a fully resourced campaign we will hold this seat on 5th May.     Toni and the Edinburgh Western Campaign Team