Snowleopards Left

Snowleopards Left

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and help preserve the number of Snow Leopards currently in the wild.


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We are a group of students  from Surrey University working on a crowfunding campaign, to help preserve the remaining number of Snow Leopards currently still free in the wild. Over the past few decades the population of Snow Leopards has decreased by over 70% due to the nature of human activties like poaching for their Pelt, later to be sold on the black market.

We feel this is disgusting and must be stopped as soon as possible or else these beautiful animals will cease to exist. We have approached other charities like the World Wide Fund for Nature, who have given us full support with the idea. 

The money donated will be given to the World Wide Fund for Nature, who are currently working  alonside Tata Housing in India on a project to help conserve Snow Leopards by providing conflict free zones for the Snow Leopards to roam around as well as following enviromental sustainability practices in housing developments. 

Please read this article for more information:

WWF and Tata Housing in India

The campaign will be available for 8 weeks and we will re-launch this with a decreased target until we have raised the full £2000!

This is something that we are really passionate about any donation would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!