Snowboarder(SBX)Training And For Future Events

I'm Aaron,a talented snowboarder looking for funding to gain more experience with the national team and progress to the winter olympics 2018


My name is Aaron  and at the ripe old age of 32 im at a point in my life where ive discovered that i have a talent for Snowboarding.

It all started in 2014 when a group of my friends and i decided on the brink of turning 30 that we were going to take a snowboarding holiday,having never tried the sport i was obvioulsy nervous but very excited. 

The first few days were spent mainly falling over(as expected) but soon i was standing for more than a minute. The eeat of the week was spent tirelessly tryimg not to fall over and the very last run i completed a black run with very few falls which was a relief. 

Since then my love for the sport has grown endlessly. In 2015 i managed to afford 2 holidays as i was needing more mountain time to fuel my love for the sport. 2016 came and i'd put all my extra cash that i could spare,sold some old things that were no use to me and some birthday money to be able to spend 3 months in the French resort of Les Arcs,here is where i feel i bought my Boarding to a new level by meeting new people who were better than me and made me challenge myself far more than i ever had done previously before. Which has led me to where i am now. 

On September 17th 2016,I took part in a snowboarding trial which i was selected for The British National Snowboard(SBX) Acadamy which has bought me to writing this,i'd need to be able to fund my training,maintain my equipment and travel expenses as well as look after my small family,now as im only on a 20 hour contract and a father of 1 newborn son,money isn't exactly bursting from my pockets and im the type of person that has always been too proud to ask but this is something that i really really love and want to be able to grow the sport in Britain and my local area also,i've come a long way but i can go futher. Id like to show people that a nobody like me could achieve what they dream and i could potentially(with incredible amounts of hard work) be selected for the winter olympics in South Korea in 2018. I'd love to make my family and friends and those who helped me along the way very proud and to of put up with this growing obsession for snowboarding. Again to mention that all funds raised will go towards future training modules/equipment maintenance/travel cost and being able to support my family. I would greatly appriciate all your help and i wouldnt be able to thank you enough .