To increase the availability of 'funny therapy' offered by the satire magazine SMUG. So more bellies bellow with laughter.

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SMUG is a satire magazine.

Myself, along with a wonderful team of writers, humorists and illustrators, are looking for support from kindred spirits who believe in our cause - to help stop our beloved home of Winchester from disappearing up its own bottom, by tickling, prodding and occasionally lightly spanking anybody and everybody, including ourselves…all with one aim: to make people laugh. We call it funny therapy.

More people are reading SMUG than ever, but lots of Wintonians are still unaware that our funny therapy is on offer. Trouble is, so as not to dilute the reader's experience we don't include any adverts in the content pages, leaving our writers to investigate, satirise and comment on everyone and everything without being compromised - keeping SMUG truly independent. We have no political affiliations or agendas.

While a lot of time, money and hard work goes into producing SMUG,  we do it because we love and care about Winchester, enough for us to stick our neck out in order to address some of the imbalances that exist withing our community.  

If you enjoy SMUG, with your help and support, together we can make the future of SMUG more secure. If you need a little inspiration feel free to watch our video of SMUG editor, Lady Wench, pleading with her pants down (it's not what you might think).

All support, not matter how small or large, is received with joy and gratitute - and we won't waste a penny. That's a promise.