SkoolVisor: An Integrated Ed-tech Startup

SkoolVisor: An Integrated Ed-tech Startup

We are an aspiring ed-tech startup based in Indonesia that aims to give all students a universal access to education.


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“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” --Nelson Mandela.

Hi there!

Before we present our project, let me show you some statistics about Indonesia, the world’s 4th most populous country.

Total Indonesian population in 2016: 261 million people.

Total Indonesian students in 2016: 44.6 million people.

Total Internet users in Indonesia: 88.4 million people.

At this moment, educational inequality is still a prevalent problem in Indonesia. This condition is based to restricted access to education in some rural places. 

As you can see in the visualization below, only 13% of young internet users in Indonesia are from rural areas.

Fortunately there are efforts brought to increase Internet access to these rural areas.

Our goal? To provide universally accessible learning solution for these students:

Who are We?

SkoolVisor is an aspiring ed-tech startup that aims to be a leading integrated e-learning platform in Indonesia. We aims to provide online study aid for students where students can ask questions and hone their academic skills online. As for now we are focusing on providing homework help and experts’ help for students who have difficulties in solving their assignments. It is generally accepted here that students usually go to tutoring sessions (which can be expensive and inefficient at times), but by using SkoolVisor, students can now do their homework anytime and anywhere.

Why Now?

The Internet users rate has grown so fast in Southeast Asia (including Indonesia) and we are planning to create a disruptive ed-tech platform as a transformative learning way to current education system.

Our Product and Services

Our current main features:

  1. Online Textbook Solutions
  2. Homework Help from Experts

Other features such as online practice questions and self-assessments and or online tutoring will be added in later phases after initial startup phase and after taking note of customer feedbacks.

Why Fund Us?

We are young  and dynamic entrepreneurs and we are currently still in bootstrapping phase since we are building the prototype model. We believe in generating a sustainable business that takes crucial part in educating the next intelligent generation. 

The total funding will be used to fund:

  1. Web-app development and reiteration
  2. Content development and management
  3. Operational costs

for the first 4 months.

We sincerely believe that by asking others to take part in our journey, we can spread the spirit of giving and sharing for the better future of our next generation.

Be a part of our journey and make differences in a way you could never imagine before!

 A great many thanks to all of you who have read this and have an AWESOME day!

Our website (still in development!) : 

Our Team:

  • Feliciana Elita (Co-Founder) 
  • Vanya Eliani (Co-Founder)


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