Sinclare Angels Initiative

A startup that raises capital from investors & individuals, & then provides finances through loans micro, small and growing enterprises.

Sinclare Angels Initiative is a startup company that raises capital from investors and individuals, and then provides finances through loans to micro, small and growing enterprises and entrepreneurs in Africa aged between 20-45 years of age.


To provide financing to small and growing enterprises in Africa.

Our Vision

To become the most impactful finance house in Africa for startups.

Sinclare Angels Initiative seeks to offer loans for those who want to set up businesses, we are also seeking to offer finances to already established startups that would want to scale up but do not have enough capital to do so.With a development of a Mobile App-Sinclare Angel Initiative-we will ease the process of loan application to the entrepreneurs who will be seeking for capital for their businesses.

Our objective is to stimulate growth, create jobs, wealth and prosperity for the people of Africa. We believe that entrepreneurs are the bed-rock of that transformative shift. It is through entrepreneurship that they unlock their ingenuity and resilience to use the creative vibrancy of business to solve critical challenges and meet unmet market needs. We are setting up to give to give rise to startups through offering that one item that they cannot do without-FINANCE.

We are seeking to offer a combination of tailored financing and management support that is based on the stage of growth of our customers. Through the different types of solutions that we are putting in place, our desire is to offer entrepreneurs a wide range of solutions and giving them the right type of financing, management and marketing support that can help them scale up.

We are also working on an app that will enable people to submit their ideas and request for funding through the app and receive notification on how long they can wait before they receive the actual amount of money.

Our Values

  1. We believe entrepreneurship also drives social progress.
  2. We harness everyone’s unique exceptional abilities.
  3. Our work is founded on promoting economic progress in Africa.
  4. We build intellectual, social and financial capital.
  5. We expand the limits of everyone’s boundaries.
  6. We offer service above Self.
  7. Wework with others to achieve common goals