Simon & the magic map Children's book series

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Simon & the magic map Children's book series

To produce and self publish a series of children's books.


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I have an idea for a series of children's books called Simon & the magic map which I would like to self publish and sell in all major book shops and online.  I also hope that in the future they could lead to a TV series based on the books.

My books are about Simon, who is a little boy, who gets given a magic map by his grandad.  It is a scratch map of the world and when he scratches off a country he gets transported there.  After each adventure he says a magical poem  to return home. 

So far I have completed the first story and am working on the second book.  I plan for Simon to visit a lot of countries and experience a lot of different adventures.  There are re-occuring themes and actions that will run through all the stories