Simon Hardy - Left Unity for Vauxhall

Simon Hardy - Left Unity for Vauxhall

Running election campaigns costs money! Please donate to help provide a socialist, feminist and environmentalist voice in Vauxhall.

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Running election campaigns costs money! Please donate to help provide a socialist, feminist and environmentalist voice in Vauxhall.

About the project

Vote Left Unity in Vauxhall -End austerity, no more cuts -Tax the 1%, raise corporation tax and end tax dodging -Our NHS is not for sale – no PFI, keep our NHS public -Halt privatisation – renationalise railways and energy companies -Nationalise the banks under democratic control – no more profiteering and business secrecy -End stop and search – justice for victims of police violence -For freedom of movement for all, stop scapegoating migrants; defend the rights of refugees and asylum seekers -For a minimum wage of £10 an hour - abolish zero hour contracts, end the sanctions regime and scrap work capability assessments -Build more social housing and impose rent controls on the private sector Left Unity will be standing in the Vauxhall constituency in the General Election. The mainstream parties all agree with austerity. We are standing to say there is an alternative. We are a socialist party that opposes all the cuts, defends the rights of migrants and minorities, champions the liberation of women and fights to safeguard the environment for future generations. We are standing candidates across the country. In Vauxhall we are challenging Kate Hoey to make the case that the Labour Party has not done enough to fight austerity – in fact the opposite is true, it has caved in to the Tory agenda. On key issues from immigration and local government cuts to the strikes in support of the NHS, Labour has bowed to the bosses and the right wing media rather than stick up for the working class. In the face of the rise of UKIP, MPs like Kate Hoey have jumped on the anti-immigrant bandwagon. The alternative We have had enough. We want real change. This is the first generation that will be worse off than their parents, with low wage jobs and a return to the Victorian era blight of the ‘working poor’. Capitalism isn't working. Left Unity stands for socialism, a democratic system where the majority control the economy. We can certainly run it better than the current establishment elites! We are not a party that thinks elections and Parliament are the only place where people can make decisions. Left Unity is a party of campaigns, for instance we are active in the fight against the housing crisis and to stop privatisation of local services. We see ourselves as part of a wider movement to empower people to take control of their own lives from the corporations and the richest 1% - the minority who now own 50% of the entire wealth in the UK. A fraction of this wealth would end all the cuts. If you want to join us and help build the alternative please contact us below. If elected, Left Unity candidates will only take the average worker's wage.

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