SilverLiningsGB  for Rape Crisis South London

I am hoping to raise money for the charity Rape Crisis South London. I sell art to raise money to support RASASC.

I am hoping to raise money for the charity Rape Crisis South London.

Its a charity I am currently involved in and quite honestly has been the only thing to allow me to see even the tiniest glimsp of light over the past two years.  

I am not ready to share the details as to how I became associated with the crisis centre but like many victims even admitting that I had been a victim of gang rape was a huge step.  

My life over the past two years has been dictated by fear, control and utter darkness.  These events ultimatley destroyed me as a person and I became someone I couldnt recognise.  I became an object to be abused and used by controlling monsters.  I lost myself, my career and almost my family in my efforts to hide what was happening to me and what I thought was protecting those I loved.  I believed if people knew the truth they would see me as the disguisting person I felt I was.

Through the amazing work with the crisis centre I am starting to change my perpections of life and of myself. I am trying to take control back of my life and make it worth something positive. I have found solace in art and have poured out my feelings, fears and hopes onto canvas and paper.  Life is too important to not try and give back.  So through crowdfunding I would like to donate 50% of all funds raised to the charity and the further 50% of donations will go towards creating hand made gifts and art for you personally, whilst still donating a further 15% of this donation to RASASC.  

Money raised on crowdfunder will be used to allow me to continue producing art, but most importantly raising a platform of awareness and funds to support the integral life saving work the crisis centre does.  I hope through this website to be able to donate £2500 to the Rape Crisis South London Centre.  This pays for one years treatment for a women, treatment that will enable them to claim their lives back and survive.  Treatment that I am so gratefully recieving through past donations from others.  Treatment that has saved my life and I will be eternally grateful for.

I have  choosen to show the below abstract canvas as it was the first positive painting I did and marked a huge turning point in my recovery.  To be able to see light is the most hopeful feeling in the world.  To know there is a path to recovery, some way, some how a beem of light has finally broken through.  This feeling is the empowerment that charity gives to women.  This feeling saves lives.