We would like to raise funds to help us develop a social platform which will innovate ways by which its users may make a living worldwide.

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This project will only be funded if at least £35,000 is pledged by 10:29pm 26th June 2017

SHEL-A is a visual social media platform designed to encourage, individuality,  creativity, productivity and ultimately employment through the use of a Personal Video Resumes (PVRs). SHEL-A  intends to modernise the way individuals and businesses connect, by streamlining  the recruitment process through the medium of video  media. It connects everyday people to opportunities never before so easily accessible. Whether you are looking for a job or offering your services, this platform is designed for any employable individual regardless of background or culture. The people will decide the direction of the platform.

SHEL-A will target the work force, focussing on those already heavily invested in social networking using a variety of mediums such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops  and other hand held devices.  In essence,  anyone eligible to work legally within their  country can create their own opportunities. It amalgamates the power of video platforms such as youtube, the employment options of platforms like Linkedin and peoplleperhour and delivers an outstanding visual alternative. The platform will be able to connect individuals to potential markets and employers at the swipe of a finger or click of a button.  The platform offers the employer or potential customer an opportunity to see their potential supplier before actually meeting the individual. 

With SHELA, anyone can create a service and offer it to the public, in a secure and controlled environment. We have identified a gap in the market that has not yet been fully explored which has the potential to create a huge community of followers who would benefit monetarily, by direct and indirect participation. The rise in the number of social platforms shows the appetite for such projects. The usage of apps and sites such as live video shows that the public is ready for more video based platforms.