Shattered! A Crowdfunding Charities project from Prestonpans, Scotland, Prestonpans by chimaeraproductions

Shattered! is a play about those dealing with mental health problems. It consists of real life monologues written by those diagnosed with and dealing with a variety of mental health issues. 

It was successfully previewed in November 2012 where it was staged as a fund raiser for a mental health charity, we now wish to expand it and stage it during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as a theatre piece with the intent of providing the public with a performance that not only interests and entertains but stimulates discussion and provides knowledge on issues that are too often swept under the carpet and dismissed. 

In short, to attempt to shatter the stigma of mental health.

The first stage of this is to raise £300 for advertisment in the Festival Fringe brochure by late March, with a further £700 raised at a later date to cover further marketing and expenses.

We ask people to spread the word of this and help us raise the initial £300 - though what would be truly amazing is if people donated and helped us reach the total goal of £1000 - that would mean we would not have to worry about raising funds later in the year and could stage the event as we intended.

This is an important project not just for those of us involved but the community at large- mental health issues are still stigmatised and we hope to form part of the growing movement to tackle that stigma- this is one stage, and it is one that YOU can help realise.

Video of the original produciton can be seen here: (Crowdfunder site keeps insisting it is an invalid URL but this link works fine: )

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Project funded
PLEDGE £20.00 OR MORE 3 backers so far Credit as co producer
PLEDGE £50.00 OR MORE 2 backers so far Credit as co-producer and 2 free tickets to the show Three Coins in June (also by chimaera Productions- as Shattered is a free show anyway offering tickets for that seems pointless!)
PLEDGE £100.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far credit as Executive Producer, 2 free tickets for Three Coins, DVD of shattered, copy of script signed by cast and crew.
PLEDGE £300.00 OR MORE 0 backers so far Credit as Executive Producer, 2 free tickets for Three Coins, DVD of shattered, signed script, dinner with the director and assorted cast/ crew per availability (must be in Edinburgh)