Shaker the City

Project aim Please help us to open an authentic Mexican Bar in the heart of London within the next three months.


SALON MEXICO is 21st century ''Cantina'', a relaxed drinking focused on mexican street food concept originate in Mexico, and spread to the world where it developed its own flamour 

SALON MEXICO will offer a new experience, presenting a new take on Mexican food and drinks, and a unique and cosi ambiance, far from the traditional strereotypes. We will deliver a unique approach to the street food from north to sud Mexico incorporating local art, music, movie and images, in a casual, fashionable and urban setting. We will take this concept to new heights, incorporating the reality of the urban metropolis, and offering what the new diners are seeking, fabulous drinking and dining but also entertaining and experiential, a funny evening out.

Althought London is not short of happening new style Mexican dining, we bring and edgy take on it to this part of town which is in short supply of this type of venue. The local neighbours and the business peoples will not longer need to go in central London as they will have their very own cool mexican bar on their doorstep. 

About the Team

My love for hospitality industry first started at the age of twelve, whilst assisting my Grandmother in her local and small grocery strore back in Sardinia. I have not considered a different career path since. Having already study hospitality management and experienced the five start luxury bar world, clubs, michelin star restaurant and indipent bars as bartender first and in the last ten years as Bar Manager, I have found and developed my true passion for the hospitality industry. To me, it is not only a job, it is a life style which brings along new opportunities and challenges every day. 

My future goal is to use the knowledge I have aquired throughout both my work and educational experiences within a respected hospitality establishment and futhermore contribute towards the same using my personal skills such as hard work, responsibility commitment, leadership and a strong sense of dedication towards the business and the shareholders I work for.

I'm only one step away from my dream, I have already found the first site, however the only barrier is the money. I rely on your generosity to start this project.