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Our company name "Shacycle" stems from the terms "Share" & "Recycle".

We are a group of young individuals who  would like to do more than getting a typical 9-5pm job over the weekend, whilst studying and aim to turn this box idea into a real venture.

Something we noticed is the excess amount of unwanted goods or products that are often laying around our homes, and with everyone living busy lives, we dont get time to sell these unwanted or unused goods or products.

And we feel like this is a right old shame! As there are others around the country, who would probably use them.

Thus, we took the initiave off creating Shacycle - a London based business who collect your unwanted, jumbled goods and sell it off, with you gaining 25% of the profit made!

Our key aim and motivation is to see these useable goods that are often left unused, to be to reused and appreciated!

As an old saying says, "sometimes our reality, may fulfil someone elses dreams and needs."

Clear it, profit it ,Shacycle it!