New society 'Sport For Non Sporters' @ Leeds Uni

A new society at the University of Leeds trying to raise money to expand its activities and finance the second semester of 2016/17.

A new society at the University of Leeds laying on a different sport each week in a welcoming environment with a primary school PE feel.... 

Introduction / General

Sport For Non Sporters was born out of the frustration of a few freshers who still wanted to keep active and enjoy team sport, but didn't want the unwelcoming completive pressures, extreme commitment or extortionate membership fees of the main sport societies. 

Sport For Non Sporters aims to provide a relaxed and fun attitude towards a range of sporting activities, with a different sporting activity planned each week, giving guys and girls the opportunity to play and try something new.

Why we are raising money

We are raising money to keep providing the amazing activities we supply to our enthusiastic and grateful members into the second term of 2016/17. See the sessions below that we are providing in the first semester and the ones we hope to provide in the second with your help. 

Session Calendar

Here is a list of the activities we want to provide in the first semester:

  • Get to know session /Mini sports day / Leeds Olympics- Session will consist of all the games we know we all secretly miss from primary school PE. Will include sack, egg and spoon, and relay races.
  • Netball- As always we play warm up exercises then a few matches.
  • Jump Arena- SFNS makes its first trip of the year 
  • Indoor rounders / Kick-it- As always we play warm up exercises then a few matches.
  • SFNS takes on an outdoor obstacle course
  • Volleyball- As always we play warm up exercises then a few matches.
  • Bubble Football- SFNS takes on Zorb bubble football!
  • Touch Rugby- As always we play warm up exercises then a few matches.
  • Dodgeball- dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!
  • Lazer Tag- Because why not.

Second semester session to be provided with your help:

  • Badminton
  • Campus scamper / rat race - (A whole load of clues will be left around campus and Leeds for you to collect, first one back with all the right answers wins big)
  • Dry Ski Slopes
  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Rock climbing
  • Golf
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Rock climbing
  • Bench ball


We are always looking for sponsorship so if you are interested or know of someone that might be give us a shout. (See contact details below)


For the latest news about our sessions, socials and other exciting information:

Email us! Any questions or queries, nothing is too big or too small! -

T-shirt Concept

Designed by our wonderful Merchandise and Media secretary Sarah Fasey.  Idea of the mainstream social society take over / pirate theme.