Sewing Kits for Children

Sewing Kits for Children

To create a range of children's sewing kits which will sell at festivals, the high street and online.


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In 2014 I started running sewing workshops. This adventure has led me to the craft fields of Glastonbury, Shambala, Larmer Tree, Nozstock and Green Man festivals where I've taught 1000's of people how to sew.

I've ran workshops at market stalls, at craft fairs and at birthday parties.

The feedback from everybody has been really positive. 

I now seek funding to bring to market a range of fun, imaginative sewing kits. I've initially designed four kits and am seeking financial backing to fund the production of them.

The kits will sell online and at festivals with an rrp of £6 to £24.  If I reach this target, my stretch funding is to launch them into high street shops.

My workshop experience has helped me finely tune my teaching whilst keeping it fun.  I will use this framework to create a straight forward instruction booklet alongside a series of online sewing tutorials. Therefore parents who are less confident with sewing will have these resources to support them.

A second unique selling point of these kits is the contents; real craft equipment which is reusable and long lasting.

As mum to two young children I've seen the disappointment in 'creative kits' which contain plastic tools and plastic stick on components which all too soon end up in landfill. It's so important to move away from these throwaway 'craft kits' and return to real, long lasting craft which teaches useful skills. These kits will contain plenty of sparkly buttons, ribbons and sequins as I know how much children love them, it's just these kits won't consist of stick on gems in a range of pink, pink and yet more pink.

I'll support British manufacturers where possible - I've sourced wooden embroidery hoops from Gloucestershire, steel sewing needles from Worcestershire and threads from Yorkshire and Lancashire. 

Inspired by the community feeling which is often created when running workshops at festivals, I hope to gather a real tribe of young crafters who inspire each other, who help each other and who share work together. I'd like to create online tutorials and an online gallery for craft work to be exhibited.

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to consider my crowd funding project. This is the first stage in creating an authentic craft business which I believe has so much growth.

I hope I've conveyed to you my passion and belief in this project. If you have any questions please do get in touch

Finally, scroll down to see examples of the various thank you rewards which have all been made by me.

£20 reward includes a one off handmade bird which can be personalised....every bird is different!

My hand-finished greeting cards feature in many of the rewards and there are over 60 in the range to choose from. 

Each sculpture is unique and can be personalised with your choice of vintage map and favourite quote. This is part of the £80 reward.