Hayley's Disney Dream

Hayley's Disney Dream

Please help my wife go to Disney Word while she is still able to enjoy it


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With your help I would like to send my wife to Disney World Orlando while she is still able to travel and enjoy it. I would love to be able to afford this myself but since Hayley became disabled we both had to give up work and I became her full time 24/7 carer.

Hayley is 31 years old and has a medical condition called non-epileptic attack disorder and has suffered with this for 10 years. The condition has a severe negative impact on her day to day life. She has up to 30 seizures a day which we can not control and have no warning of. After every single seizure she loses her eye sight for a period of time and also loses her speach for a number of hours. But for Hayley the worst of the side effects are that it has left her permantley in a wheelchair and her memory has suffered greatly. As time is passing her memory and awareness are increasingly getting worse and soon even the simplest of tasks will not be achievable for her.

Hayley is the most selfless person I know (yes Im probably biased!). Even through all her pain and suffering she is still a dedicated fund raiser for independant animal rescues up and down the country. It gives her a lot of pleasure to see animals in need receive the help they need

We have already reveived the most amount of help we can from our familys but we are still short.

You would not believe how happy it would make her, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.