Single parent rent and work support

Single parent rent and work support

I'm a self employed single mum and I'm hoping to raise money for a 3D printer for work. I design clothes, shoes and jewellery.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

*Edited as I received a £30 donation offline so I need to raise a litte less*


My business has been running for a little over a year, and as with a lot of start ups I've had a slow start with sales. I have been working towards my dream job for a good 17 years and cannot imagine giving up despite the financial toll and persistant mental health problems I face.

I usually sell with a 3D printing company called Shapeways who have helped me make a few sales and signed up to work with a company called 3facet who also do 3D printing. I tried sending new product files to 3Facet but they are proving to be unreliable as they're ignoring all communication via fb and email.

Also recent government cuts to benefits means my rent support is being decreased so I really need to generate income faster and more reliably to avoid losing my home with my 6 year old.

I'm hoping to raise at least £500 for a 3D printer and some filament so I can join a sales market similar to Etsy and have plenty of stock on hand. I'm also working on some footwear ideas and having a printer at home will cut out having to wait two weeks for my samples to be printed then delivered and will allow me to see design problems as/when they arise.

I plan on getting an Anet A8 as it is under £250 and has a large buildplate so I can print multiple products at the same time See on Amazon

My designs and work can be seen Here