Seeking advice and investment to increase growth

A Business project Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Seeking advice and investment to increase growth

Seeking advice and possible investment for marketing the Prim & Proper By Maxi Brand, increase product lines, to increase profit.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 7th Nov 2016 our project closed



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I ask for your help to grow Prim & Proper By Maxi .. My reasoning for taking this step to ask for help has not come easy...I raised my four children single handed, all amazing and have grown into wonderful young adults I'm so proud of. Unfortunately this was not easy with only one income, as you may imagine I often found myself behind on bills so when it came to funding my dream help was none existatant ... A couple of years ago my longest friend passed away suddenly. The grief felt was immense I couldn't function to this day when I talk about her I fight to hold back the tears .. I had just finished my last year at Law School and was advised by my Barrister to have a back up plan if I don't persue a career in Law ... It was the best advice I was given. My friend that passed away had also told me I should make my products for everyone to enjoy ... I felt lost but driven to own my own company, so I started looking into how someone that had nothing in the bank could create a company .. I was advised by the job centre to go onto the enterprise scheme and that funding would be available ... I was lied to because my line of credit is none existent .. So I tried to do it without any help, I taught myself how to design, use social media, network and make new products .. I have achieved what I wanted and created an amazing brand that I am so proud of, but now am struggling to grow I need advice and hopefully investment for marketing and hopefully introduce new product lines..  I am unable to get help from the government and am scared of taking a high interest loan that would cripple me and potentially ruin my company ..