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Game development of mobile gaming. And to produce more games which made more fun and more interactive.

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 28th Oct 2016 our project closed



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I am a game devolper, and working on mobile gaming apps to release on app store and google play.  This is my first game and really would like any contributions to get it up and running. Players will be able play against each other and against the A.I, the game is devolped in unity and will be able to run through various platforms and devices.  The game will be in 3d so players can experience the aesthetics of an actual air hockey experience, Players will go against each other using virtual credits with wins and losses of 50, 150 and 200 credits at a time depending on what the player is wanting to wager. The game will be secured with a antivirus to stop hackers getting into the game with extra security from the server firm i am renting from. The revenue from the game will come in form of in app purchases and down loads in game advertising. With the first game being released I can then make more games for people to enjoy and rent a place to open up a fully functional buisness designing and building games for other game designers, and hiring a team to produce more and go into website development and maintenance.  I hope people reading this will contribute to make my dream come true of building a business and branching out into other aspects of digital world, thank you for reading this and thank you for the contributions made to this project.