Scottish Xr2 Championship

David Taylor enters the SMRC Scottish Xr2 Championship (2015)

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On 1st Jun 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 8 days

A statement from a radio producer Wee Neil @Heartland FM

Hi folks. A few weeks ago we did a radio feature on Heartland FM to try to obtain sponsorship for a team in the Scottish Fiesta Championship. The drivers name is David Taylor. He was leading the championship after the first meeting but, due to lack of funds, had to miss a double point’s weekend at Oulton Park. Although we have a few names on the car now, we could REALLY use some help to bankroll the next few meetings. Every little helps folks. In motorsport terms, it’s a shoestring budget. You could jump on board with us for MUCH less than you would think. We would love a syndicate of small donors to help us. It feels like a community project already. Please join us. Please sponsor our team. Motors TV cover this series too. Your logo would be seen.  If you are interested, continue reading to hear David’s story in his own words....

About the project

David Taylor from Dundee, Scotland, is a 31 year old racing driver for DM-Racing. I first started racing (competitively) in 2015 and won my first newcomers event championship in my 1st two ever competitive races. I am currently leading the newcomers championship and 3rd in the main championship in such a small space of time and have generated lots of interest for our team and current sponsors.

After the death of my father in 2012 and having 3 years to prepare, Having tried all winter to search for financial help things weren't looking good. A very kind company I had met on Facebook offered me funds to sponsor me for 2015 an offer I couldn't refuse. With little experience of both the circuit and the new race car, I got myself and my team up to knockhill racing circuit for the 1st two rounds in April 2015 and won both Newcomers Cup races receiving 2 trophy’s for my wins.

It was a brilliant weekend but would be disappointing to think I wouldn't race again this year. Having achieved that drive, it made me all the more eager to get at it again and then fully, a week before the first race I got the funds together thanks to sponsors and family, who I couldn't thank enough. Their help got me the whole way to 3 & 4 races but unfortunately funds are looking tight finish the whole championship. Here I am again in the same position on the search for financial help again wondering will I race in 2015. I hope to be out again racing soon in such a great adrenalin fuelled sport.

Have a look at the videos, don't you want to be part of that? If you too are a petrol head you will love the satisfaction of helping out a budding motorsport driver.

We appreciate your time looking at this and hope everyone can together to help me continue my goal of winning championship in 2015, Without your help 2015 looks very bleak and would be a shame not to continue in good form.


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