Save The Council Offices Building

In 21 days Kirklees plans to sell off one of our finest Municipal buildings- The Council Offices. Please help us save it!

In 21 days Kirkeels plans to sell off one of our finest Municipal buildings- The Victorian Villa that is the 'Thornhill Urban District Council' building.

This building has had a checkered past. The longest run I can remember was a library that had a decent vibe and friendly staff. Then there was a clinic and pediatrician. Later community nurses based themselves there. Nothing really stuck. We think the decision by Kirklees to abandon this fine building is wrong. We want it back in public use- where the people of Thornhill intended it to always be when they built it.


Kirklees has left the building empty for the last 15 years. It has, after paying three people to cut the grass for 15 years, decided to sell it to save money.


This group aims to halt/ cancel/ delay that sale. This group plans, with the help of a grant, to preserve the building and keep it in public use.

Our suggestion to Kirklees is that the main room at the top 'The Ballroom' be converted into a gallery to showcase local history.

Along side this, we plan on opening a tea room which will operate at weekends. All this will be run on a voluntary/ non/profit basis.  


The suggestions o far are-


The history of Anglo-Saxon/ Danish/ Norse migration into Yorkshire.

The de Thornhill Family and its role in the civil war.

The explosion at Thornhill Hall.

The textile industry and the rise of the Savile Family.

Mining and how it supported our communinty.


An area of remembrance for the men who lost their lives in the local pit disaster.


We also hope to allow local groups to use the hall in the time when the gallery is closed.

It would be perfect for the following-



Yoga classes.

Fitness classes.

Painting classes.



We can apply for a grant through the SITA fund. This is a fund created to give back to communities that have landfill sites in their area.

We must raise 10% of what we apply for. We wish to apply for around £40 000.

We must be able to keep the building open for around 4 months a year.


£5000 would mean that we can cover the application and secure the building- Locks, Doors, Keys etc or anything else that crops up.


A £10 donation will get you a yearly pass to the gallery.

A £50 donation will get you a yearly family pass to the gallery.



Please do what you can to help. If the fund raising fails all of the money will be returned to the donors.


Amantes Ardua Dumos on Facebook- The Hill that Thorns Love


Please help us Save the Council offices Building from the inevitable!










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