A Community project Coventry, United Kingdom


Raising Funds to Support Lollipop School Patrols In Coventry

Project aim

Raising Sponsorship Funds To Support School Lollipop Patrols In Coventry.

About the project


Basically my aim is to get Local or National Businesses / Corporations to help fund School Lollipop Patrols in Coventry. This really is a unique opportunity for Businesses or Individuals  to play there part in our local Community. What Better than to have your Brand / Logo worn by a Lollipop Patrol or on their Lollipop! 

If you value the Safety Of Our Children ( even your Own) then whether you give a £1 or £100.00 your monies will go towards a Road Safety Scheme that first started in 1967 and over the years has probably saved many children's lives.