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Help fund vet bills for 7 week old puppy

this is minion he is a 7 week old puppy, we have just discovered he has water on the brain and damage to his retinas, he was born like this and was rejected by his mother at 3 weeks , I managed to hand feed him every hour for 3 days keeping him on my chest with a hot water bottle and eventually got mum to take him back. I took him to the vet and they have got a eye vet from London to come look at him on Thursday and then he needs scans to measure the amount of brain damage, the cost of the scan is £1000 but it will cost an awful lot more with any operations he may need. He is a very happy little boy and very loving I don't want to put him to sleep as he could have a good quality of life with an operation which is out of my financial reach unfortunately because he was born this way nobody would insure him. I am reaching out to the public in the hope that somebody will understand my plight and would be able to offer the financial assistance that I need to help this beautiful little dog. Please I am begging for any help I can get, also if you wish to check this is all true you would be very welcome to ring Coastway Vets, fresh field industrial estate, Brighton 01273 692257 you would also be very welcome to come and see him and spend some time with him. I will be updating on his progress every week, please could you find it in your heart to help this little man, thank you Lara