RWCMD Singers: A concert tour to the Isle of Skye

Twelve singers studying at the RWCMD are heading to Skye in April to perform a concert of operatic and musical theatre entertainment.

Project aim

Twelve vocal students of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama are travelling to Skye in April to perform an exciting concert programme of operatic and musical theatre entertainment to the fabulous people of Skye.

We are hugely excited about this project but as the numbers of performers have gradually increased (excellent!), we will require some additional help with funding to support the cost of travel from Cardiff to Skye. This includes buses/trains, flights, hire cars and fuel to see us through the trip.  

About the project

Throughout nearly four years of study at the RWCMD, my fellow students have heard a lot about the remarkable beauty and individuality of the Isle of Skye. This includes the fantastic appreciation that the local people have for all kinds of live music performance. As the majority of us graduate this summer, we have arranged one last adventure as a class - a tour to share our music with the folk of Skye! 

Please help us to make this happen!

Thank you greatly,

Rhona Coogan