Russian penthouse need your support

Russian penthouse need your support

roof repair

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

"Third Capital of Russia"

Hello. My name is Anna. I live in Russia. My city calls it self the "Third Capital of Russia".

I live in the downtown of my city ,  Ekaterinburg.

and...this it's how my house look like ,in one the strongest city in Russia :).



To be true, there's few house left like mine, most if them are gone and in exchange our gouvernment give us a very nice appartement.

...but sadly , this it doesn't happen very fast. Just for us, they keep promissing every years...and nothing happen.

But my houses on the "red line" - the territory which should be under the etension of the road - the Central road of our city.

This year our house had to demoloshed, but the city administration cannot find the money to buy our land and build a wide new road.  And that's how they solved the problem. They cut down the trees around the houses to widen the road  by one  meter, and our homes romain standing in the same place.



In my house there is heating and sanitation. The toilet is outside, in the winter I stoked the furnace for heating, and thewater I bring in cans of column.





But even that is not the most depressing in my house.

The roof of my house is in disrepair. It is leaking and because of high humidity it can break anytime.  Every time when we have a storm , I pray so it doesn't fall.


I work as a kindergarten teacher, live alone, and I need the money for a full repair of the roof with new building materials and payement for labor. Repairs need to get done during this summer. Because once summer will be gone, my roof won't support one more winter.

I ask to respond all who are not indifferent to my problem and help,  if possible, for which I will be very  grateful!

Thank you ,