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Rosie's Law Degree Fund

I'm saving up to go back to University to complete a graduate entry Law LLB!

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 I'm saving up to go back to University to complete a graduate entry Law LLB!


After a struggle with various mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, I finally feel able to pursue my dream in becoming a lawyer.


What I want to get out of my law degree: I want to defend clients and make sure that the law is applied fairly and properly. I want to support and help others who may not understand the gravity behind a situation they are in. I want to ensure that defendants get fair and proper representation throughout their time with me. I want to make sure that the legal system is just and fair, and to ensure that no discrimination on the basis of age, race, gender, sexuality, or anything else, occurs.


The degree that I am looking to do is a two-year intensive law degree. I will be working part time to pay for rent and food, and the money from this project will pay for my tuition fees, which are £9000 per year. The money will go straight to the University and I will keep my campaign pages updated throughout this whole process.


I want to campaign for a fairer world, and an efficient legal system. I want to be a law professional because I know now that it is my calling in life. Please, help me achieve my dream.