ROÇnWATER is a new, simple, and healthy way of completing your daily vitamin intake.

ROÇnWATER is a new, simple, and healthy way of completing your daily vitamin intake. Our brand is removing the stigmatism of taking our daily vitamins into something more appealing to people of all ages and all walks of life. Lets face it. We all strive to be more healthy, and we should be taking vitamins to enhance our daily lives. But the common thought of it is this is a cumbersome task. ROÇnWATER has combined a bottle with this process to create a hip and sleek new style of heath and fitness. The ROÇnWATER bottle. This bottle not only is cool to look at but more importantly it has a purpose. The ROÇnWATER brand has patented a new Smart cap and holder or “Hopper” that carries a vitamin/mineral rock, also patented by ROÇnWATER. This “ROÇ” is then placed in the Smart cap hopper. Water then passes through this hopper causing the “ROÇ” to dissolve and infuse the water with various flavors and minerals. Minerals you know are there because you can see the “ROÇ”s reaction. A reaction you can taste. ROÇnWATER is the new wave in healthy drinking and healthy thinking. Our brand embraces the power and worth of water. The earth is covered by 71 percent of water. Our bodies our up to 60%, brain and heart 73% water. Our world and our bodies consist of and are powered by water. That’s why at ROÇnWATER we wish to work with water to keep it and make it better. For every ROÇnWATER bottle sold, we will send 15% toward building water wells to countries with unsustainable drinking water like Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and India. We also will be vigilant toward all relief funds like the water issues being had in Flint, Michigan. To sum up we are conscious of water’s power and feel that in our growth it will be our responsibility to not only enhance healthier water and to give healthier water. If you understand our brand and wish to help propel ROÇnWATER forward in this plan, donate and make a difference. Thank you for ROÇn with us. And to those who don’t, ask yourself this…if you’re not feeling us “WHO are you ROÇn with?”