Riviera Rebel Limited

Riviera Rebel is a coastal jewellery brand with a soul and in need of your help to survive and blossom.

Riviera Rebel is a coastal jewellery brand on the brink of success.  3 years in the making by 2 sisters and a small pot of money, they have created a brand with a soul and space to evolve into a cool lifestyle brand with hopes of developing accessories and objet in the future.  With unique designs and a beautiful website Riviera Rebel is ready to launch and blossom. 

We aim to work sustainably and ethically, donating profits from the Fluke range to support habitat conservation in marine environments.

Currently working from a laptop on the coast and a little bench in a studio in Hatton Graden, London, each item of jewellery is an original design and authentically crafted with care and passion.

We are in a position now where, with some financial help, we can launch the brand, take it to some relevant events to generate interest and presence, create a pop up experiece and put pieces into production to stock in stores both in the UK and Internationally.   

Riviera Rebel needs to grow organically to retain quality, authenticity and that ever elusive coolness that makes the brand unique in a saturated and mass produced world of fashion.  

Please help and watch this space!