Riley's New Wheels

Riley's New Wheels

We are trying to raise funds for my little cousins new wheelchair.

We did it!

On 26th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £350 with 20 supporters in 56 days

This is Riley. He is my cousin Amy's little boy.

He is 8 years old and has already been diagnosed with 3 life long disabilities.

He was born with Spina Bifida,  which affects his feet and legs. He also has adhd and most recently was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum too!

Despite all of this he still has a smile on his face and a random sense of humour.

Myself and Amys friend and neighbour Nicole decided to set up a crowdfund to help with the cost of Riley's much needed new wheelchair.  Amy is an amazing mum and copes with so much on her own that we want to try and take a little of the pressure off of her.

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