Giving rewards

Rewards are a great way of increasing the amount of money a supporter will pledge as well as a great way for generating excitement around your project. Think about the kind of people who will be making the pledges and offer rewards that you yourself would want to get. Consider the four main types of reward that you can offer:


7 top tips for rewards

1. Rewards should be good value for money. If one of your rewards is available elsewhere, 20-30% discount it a great way of making it attractive to your crowd.

2. Offer exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ experiences, tickets to events, masterclasses or special editions – things that aren’t available elsewhere.

3. Limited rewards are a fantastic was of securing early support. Having just a small number available is a good way to get your crowd motivated.

4. Offer authentic mementos or opportunities to leave a legacy in some way. Check out the great rewards from Growhampton.

5. Have a few rewards priced at around £20 – this where a good chunk of pledges are made.

6. Spread your rewards evenly across different price points from £10 to £100 and include some sort of sponsorship at the top end to attract support from businesses or large organisations.

7. Don’t just stick to numbers that end in zeros – odd numbers imply that your rewards have been thoughtfully costed.

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