What makes a great Crowdfunder reward?

Most project offer rewards in return for a pledge of money. Pure donations are another great way to do it, if it’s relevant to your project. We have found that offering rewards leads to an average of £50 per pledge while donation only tends to have an average pledge value of £11.

The key to great rewards is to offer what your supporters want, here are some ideas to get you on the right track…

Our top four tips

Appeal to a wide audience

Appeal to a wide audience

It can be easy to focus on a very select group of people when making your rewards, so try to offer rewards that appeal to as wide an audience as possible; regardless of age, location or interest.

Good rewards

Variety and creativity

Draw up a list of as many reward ideas as possible, no matter however extravagant they may be! The beauty of this is it provides you with a starting point. Once you've made a list get feedback to ensure you're on the right track.


Offer a degree of exclusivity

Whenever possible, offer rewards which are difficult to get anywhere else, its a lot easier to offer this than you think! Why not offer something project branded? Backers love branded, t-shirts, football, stickers, mugs, hats, posters and yes even underwear. What about something you have made? You could try postcards, artwork, a short-story, a video or even an album.

good value

Offer good value for money

Be realistic about how much you are asking of people, and give them a good reason to make a pledge. If, for example, one of your rewards is being sold elsewhere, make it cheaper on your Crowdfunder page. After all, if someone likes your idea and sees they can get a bargain at the same time, there's no way they'll leave without pledging.

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