Return unique South Notts Heritage bus to the road

Return unique South Notts Heritage bus to the road

The Charity wish to restore a donated 1962 half cab former South Notts double decker bus back to roadworthy condition for public enjoyment

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Help breathe life into our local heritage ! 

As a Charity, receiving this fine example of 1960s transport heritage by way of donation, we are driven by a desire to see life return to this old vehicle by completing its restoration. (This project image for the appeal dates back to 1984 when it had just been withdrawn from active use).

OUR AIM - to see this marvellous piece of transport engineering restored,  making transport of yesteryear available to all. The Charity has one main purpose - to preserve transport heritage for future generations. 

This involves: sourcing and then buying an engine for the vehicle; refurbishing the gearbox; re-panelling areas of the bodywork not yet completed and re-flooring the interior. We then need to retrim the seats in period moquette and have the vehicle professionally repainted before presenting her for a Department of Transport inspection and its much awaited return to the road. Much of this work will be undertaken by our volunteers, many of them retired members of the local community, now engaged for many hours a week in putting something back into our local area. This is a fantastic project which will energise our supporter's drive to see our aims fulfilled.  

 (Image shows the poor state of the framework prior to restoration commencing)

(Images show the results of many hours of work by the previous owner up to the donation of the vehicle to the Charity - we now need funds to complete this work and to undertake much more necessary restoration).

(Engine needed - urgently! )

Based in a 1936 art-deco style bus garage in Hucknall, Nottingham Heritage Vehicles Charity opens its doors numerous times a year for the general public to visit us. Many are amazed to see the quality of work undertaken through our dedication to preserving a little of our local transport heritage for future generations to enjoy. We run all roadworthy vehicles on free trips around the local area which are enjoyed by visitors of all ages, when the premises are open. On other occassions we engage with local community groups, schools, retirement homes and local councils aswell as attending and organising many public displays throughout the area. Our day to day fundraising efforts ensure that the premises remain open, and that all our costs are covered but sadly there is little left to allocate to projects such as this one - and that is where we need your help ! 

We wish to add this bus 80 NVO (new to the South Notts bus company of Gotham, Nottinghamshire in October 1962) to our active usable display fleet by the end of this current year. It was the last exposed radiator, sunken gangway, forward entrance, Leyland PD3 to be produced for an independent operator - in other words this vehicle is unique! The low-height bodywork is by Northern Counties of Wigan (no longer in existence). It operated daily with South Notts Bus Company of Gotham until March 1984.  It  ran the mainline route tirelessly between Loughborough, East Leake, Gotham, Clifton and Nottingham for this period, before being retained by the company as a heritage vehicle.  This made it the longest serving half-cab, exposed radiator, front engined bus in the operational fleet. From then, until the sale of the company to Nottingham City Transport in 1991, it was retained for occasional use and promotional work. In later years, after a period at another local museum as a static exhibit but kept outside, the vehicle was donated by the family who operated South Notts Bus Company to a local preservationist. 

We were fortunate enough to have the bus donated to ourselves on establishment of the Charity some 2 years ago. In that time much effort and resources have been utilised on the project but we are now at the stage where the Charity needs funds to progress further with heavy mechanical work, material purchase and seat trimming to the next stage. Without such funding it will remain as an exhibit, albeit worthy in its own right, but not as it should be - ie back on the road. 

If you have any interest in our local transport heritage, the vehicle itself or indeed the South Notts legacy then please support us in our aims.  

This project will: bring people together to reminisce; build knowledge; develop skill sets amongst our volunteers and recreate living history for people to enjoy and for memories to be re-kindled. It is part of a story that depicts our social history and allows our history to be accessible to all.

Any support is appreciated so please make contact if you feel you or your company can assist the project in any form,

All supporters will receive a thankyou certificate recording their input to the project.

Major sponsors will have their name added to our display boards once the vehicle is completed (if desired). All supporters are also welcome to become part of the volunteer workforce undertaking this enormous restoration project.  

Everyone who assists will be doing their bit to preserve a little of yesteryear for future years - and FOR EVERYONES BENEFIT & ENJOYMENT.


This project has been approved for funding through the Heritage + The Crowd match funding. It will received a top up of 50% towards its fundraising target from Heritage Lottery Fund.