Resile Ltd

Connecting people to qualified and regulated Counsellors and Psychotherapists via secure online video software

Resile is a Social Enterprise aiming to improve access to talking therapies nationwide through an online platform, connecting users to regulated  Counsellors and Psychotherapists via  military encrypted video software.


  • To improve access to talking therapies nationwide
  • To offer an alternative method of practicing and receiving counselling via simple, confidential, military encrypted online video call software
  • To reduce barriers currently preventing people from receiving the help they need
  •  To support current and aspiring counsellors by investing a percentage of profit back into our ‘Resile Masters’ program

Resile has a variety of counsellors and therapists available to cater to the needs of all. ALL specialists who work with Resile also offer a FREE consulatation to ALL users. 

Resile also aims to contribute to the counselling sector by investing a percentage of our profit into our 'Resile Masters' program - an intiative that will offer full scholarships to selected aspiring OR qualified counsellors wanting to improve their professional development via a Masters degree in Counselling and/or Psychotherapy. 

Resile is motivated to making a positive change in the counselling sector by offering an alternative online counselling service to suit all. We take pride in our commitment to making the step towards counselling as easy and as personal as possible. Resile brings together a wealth of counsellors from all over the UK onto one online platform offering variety and accessibility to all. The team of counsellors working with us vary in experience, price and specialised areas, and it is completely up to the user who they want to work with. ALL of our counsellors are professionally regulated and some of the more experienced counsellors working with us are accredited counsellors. We understand that taking the step towards counselling is difficult enough without the added barriers put in the way, so we hope to remove as many of these as possible by offering Choice, Convenience and Compatibility. Learn more at

Counselling is not just for those who struggle with mental illness, it is for everyone. Unexpected life events affect us all, whether thats bereavement, financial difficulty, the breakdown of a relationship to name a few examples, and professional help needs to be readily available to all. 

Our website recently launched on the 11th July 2016 , but Resile has BIG potential, and we have BIG dreams -  and big dreams require money.


  • Further develop the online Platform
  • Offer more than just online counselling (online art therapy, anger management)
  • Expand Resile internationally
  • Organise an exclusive launch party
  • Spread the word about Resile EVERYWHERE!

Please support our venture, to help us help others and to improve the counselling sector as a whole.