The Optimum Health Clinic is an award winning ME/CFS clinic, with patients in over 35 countries. 100% of profits are invested into research

Project Aim

We are undertaking a randomized controlled trial with University of Surrey.  Once completed, this will be a major step towards NHS funding being available for treatmentWe need your support to make this happen…

About the project

We need to develop an evidence base strong enough to make a powerful and irrefutable case for NHS funding for the OHC approach.

As a key step towards this, we have recently partnered with University of Surrey to carry out a full clinical trial, the largest of its kind by any ME/CFS clinic in the UK. 

This project is groundbreaking in so many ways, not only for us, but also for the wider ME/CFS community.

100% of profits generated by OHC go directly towards funding research, and we are also approaching various research trusts and organisations to support us.  But, with so little research funding being available for ME/CFS we are going to need the support of the community.

By supporting this project you are playing a key role in helping us make the OHC approach to ME/CFS available for all.  We've put together some fun perks to say "Thank you" for your support...

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