Rescue of animals

rescue stray animals without a home to live.

Good evening.I always had animals without race in my life already had kittens and puppies . currently I have a cat , a male dog and a female at home , but my dream was always to get all Street bugs , look after them and provide a home for all . my idea and buy a chacara , build a house to have a person to take care of them every day , a home , buy houses according to the size of the animals , buy water and food dishes , buy enough toys for everyone to like a playground for them, buy clothes and blankets. I also want to have a vet available 24 hours a day for them . with relation to this I need only make a partnership with a veterinary clinic to have a good price. And that, my dream and this and I hope that with the help of you I can realize the dream of many people and perhaps do good for the animals that have not as fend for themselves. I have no pictures yet, I'll take when buying chacara , start to build when you're done, when the animals are already in place, can send photos always, you guys see as pets station . I hope the help of you.