RENTING Essential Household Items

RENTING Essential Household Items

Social, reusable, environmentally-friendly start-up service which aims to lend essential household item packages to international students.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is connected with a start-up service idea, which aims to lend packages of essential household items while enabling a stress-free start in a new city. Focusing on social and environmentally-friendly aspects!

Why is it important?
Many people, especially (international) students, had this problem before: Moving temporarily to a forgein country - only being able to take one suitcase - but Student Halls or private accommodations often just provide the bed, fridge and microwave - where do we get all the other essential household items from? We buy them somewhere (often cheap) and dispose them before returning home. That is not reusable, nor is it environmentally-friendly at all! Why is there no services, which lends these items for a few months?

I already created several packages of essential household items, which I identified as most desperately needed. 

- Make Me Smart: Students need a variety of items for University

- Make Me Tasty: Ok, the kitchen has a fridge and a microwave. I still need cutlery, plates, glasses, kitchen knives, chopping board, pan, saucepan and much more!

- Make Me Comfortable: Right, my room has a bed. But where is the pillow, blanket, beeding? I might need a desk lamp as I can't see anything. Decoration would also help me to feel more at home at the new place. Where can I store my cloth, which is not fitting in the cupboard? I need clothes hanger!

- Make Me Clean: I have to share my bathroom, and if I am lucky - I might have my own one. But I could not bring my hair dryer as my suitcase was already full. Do I want to invest 15 pound for a new one? Do I dispose it afterwards? I wan't to wash, but the dryer is expensive and often does not work - I could really need a clothes horse, basket and pegs. Also how can I clean my flat? Dust pan and brush and a duster would be so helpful!

- XXL Make Me Careless: Including all other packages - if your flat/room just has the basic basic basics

Now you think, everybody has a different taste? Some people might not like all the essential household items which are in a package. There is also an option to "Customise" your own package, in order to focus on items you really need!

So what is special about this idea? What is the USP? I am an international student myself, and I could not find any service like this in any city I studied/lived before. It is a service which would protect the environment and you can still save money? Doesn't that sound like an awesome combination? - Unique is the special combination of being able to lend and customise packages of essential household items.

Also each package will include a welcome guide - including road maps, hospitality information, metro maps and much more to make you feel welcome in the new city where you might not have any contacts yet!

All this sounds quite good - but in reality I need YOU as private sponsor or business partnership in order to realise this business idea!