Rember today for the future

thanks for clicking This is a project to rember to day for the future by this I mean filming and photos of today and uploading to a website

Hi thanks for click on my page it means so much that you click now you probably thinking what is this well this is me wanting to rember today for people of the future. This means I want to film and take photos of what make today's so special and for the future to know what it was like to day as we all want to look back in 50 years and go I rember loll here's a photo of video all of these will be placed on a website for you to see. The money that you have gave me will go toward new equipment to help me start up and get the website of the ground I know I am asking for a lot but in order for men to do this I need somewhere to start. As it has always been a passion of mine to save Today by filming/photo for people to see Tomorrow.