RMH supports owner and those in search of new equines via a robust, state of the art online experience putting horse welfare first.

Rehome My Horse supports owners and those in search of new equines. 

A refreshing way to both source a horse and rehome.

We all understand how important horses are to their owners and that includes their future if the time comes to rehome, loan, sell or share. On the flip side Rehome My Horse also understands how difficult it can be to find the right horse. 

We offer an internet based experience with honest horse listings and an application process for all horses available.  Enabling those searching to make informed choices and those rehoming to find the best possible home.

We believe far to often horses end up in the wrong hands and as a consequence are being passed from home to home. This can then lead to a downward sprial and the horse becoming a welfare concern. 

We have in our first year helped many horses, their owners and those searching for horses. We have so much more to do and with your help we can move onto the next stage. 

We are not a registered charity - have no grants to fall back on and currently staff are working on a full time basis voluntarily.

We now need to move on to the the next stage and update our website and service. This will include a membership package, extra features,  filter facilties and an enhanced user experience. A real hub for all those who currently own horses or wish to in the future.

Please do support and help us help the horses.