Refugee Week Celebration

Refugee Week Celebration

We want to host an event during Refugee Week 2017 where refugees and local community can share an afternoon and raise awareness.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Every year the Lewisham Refugee & Migrant Network (LRMN) organizes an event during refugee week (19-25 June 2017) that showcases and celebrates the accomplishments of refugees in Lewisham and their contributions to society. The event creates a space where refugees can engage and share an afternoon with members of the Local community, in order to show a more realistic and human side of living as a refugee in London.

Sometimes, refugees are portrayed as a threat to ‘our’ way of life and antithetical to British society. We believe that nothing could be further from the truth. We want to take this opportunity to increase awareness among the local community of the realities refugees have lived through while highlighting their triumphs and achievements.

Refreshments and food will be served, and there will be guest speakers and some entertainment. We will have speakers talk about the refugee crisis and their struggles in establishing their lives in the community while highlighting Lewisham Council's Syrian programme and how it is progressing.

MPs, Councillors and you, our crowd, are invited to come and share a day of celebration with music, arts and food from different parts of the world.


The event will take place from 10AM until 3PM at the Civic Suite, Catford Road, London SE6 4RU on June 20th, 2017.

The picture above is from Refugee Week Celebration in 2015. From left to right you will find members of the staff, including our CEO Rosario Guimba-Stewart, a few clients, a Lewisham Councillor, and traditional Filipino dancers.


Because LRMN is a small charity, we rely on kind and generous people like you to help make events like this happen. Thank you for reading about our event: your interest is essential in bringing our work to fruition.


Surely we have all heard or seen news articles about refugees in the UK. Perhaps you have heard our politicians discuss the topic of refugees, using the issue to comment on immigration as a black and white matter. Some paint refugees with a broad brush while nefariously mischaracterizing them. Others believe the movement of people is completely natural. We believe that, as a wealthy nation, the United Kingdom should be doing more to help those who are less fortunate, even if they are not British.

LRMN believes in stretching a helping hand to those who need assistance the most. We offer free advice to refugees and migrants who demonstrate need. Our advice covers three main categories: counselling to women who experienced gender-based violence, housing and welfare, and UK immigration law. We also have other projects and free services such as English as a Second Language (ESOL) classes, knitting classes, and more.