Refugee Aid Appeal - One Car, One Family

Hi, my name is Jake. I intend to take aid to refugees on the Austrian border and then offer one family a lift to Germany for free


Hi, my name is Jake.

I’ve been following the deepening migrant crisis in Europe with a real lump in my throat especially when I see families with babies. I want to help. I have a car and I want to fill it with baby food, formula powder, toothpaste, clothing, toys etc… and make the journey to the Austrian border and then when I get there I am willing to offer one family a lift to Germany for free. Even though this gesture is a tiny, insignificant scratch on the surface of a huge problem, it will mean the world to one family. This is completely non-profit and will operate within the law. 

But I need your help.

All I’m asking is for you to make a donation which will go towards fuel for the round trip and supplies to take over for distribution.

I've already received donations via facebook and collections of clothing so my target of £800 to acheive in two weeks will be enough, but to raise more would be amazing.

I’m looking to set off on the 14th October heading from France to Austria, then Germany and back.

Thanks in advace for you help.