♻️ #Recycle ❤️ #Upcycle ???? #SaveMoney

♻️ #Recycle  ❤️ #Upcycle ???? #SaveMoney

Providing the community with great quality affordable furniture gives us all a better quality of life! Find our how with our Project!...

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Our family-run not for profit organization is seeking your support in our venture to continually help the community.   

What we do!

~ Waste Removal Company with Second hand Shops ~

-Free House Clearance Service*

-Fully Licenced Waste and Rubbish Removals

-Offer for sale quality second hand furniture and other items to the community at largely discounted prices.

*Items eligible for our free house clearance service must not contain any rips, tears, stains or any other unsellable defect.

The business model offers valuable benefits to the community in the following capacities.

- Relief of poverty

- Sustaining Environment

- Education, Training + Volunteers

- Encourages Community Involvement

- Creates Social Platforms

Why Us Over Other Second Hand Shops?!

Give a Dog a Bone UK is predominantly a #WasteDisposal company with the added benefit of High Street shops! 

The aim is to create a trusted and recognised brand so people have an alternative to buying brand new expensive furniture from major retailers.

✋✌7 Reasons Why Buying #Used is Always Better than Buying #New ????????????www.facebook.com/Giveadogaboneuk/posts/1876671872548132

Having the retail outlets enables us to sell on any items which are still useable, rather than #scrapping & #spending fortunes at #costly #recycling #centres!

We are cheaper than other waste disposal and house clearance companies because we are able to take certain items for free! (providing the items are fit for future purpose!)

The waste in the property is therefore reduced, leaving the customer less to pay for rubbish removal and less to go to Landfill!

Whatever it is that you need clearing, using our service saves you money every time!!!

Our many satisfied clients include:

- #Local #residents

- #Borough #Councils

- #CareHomes

- #Probate

- #EstateAgents

- #Landlords

It’s All About Community!

People love a bargain but most importantly people love to hunt for that bargain! We provide a trusted brand and high street shops that people can rely on for quality. The online platform also buzzes with over 2000 followers!

✋5 #Simple #Tips to Make Your Living Room #Look #Expensive....#Useful #Home #Decor Tricks by Give a Dog a Bone UK???? ???????????? https://www.facebook.com/Giveadogaboneuk/posts/1890093274539325

Boosting community morale is key!

'My Home is my Castle' – Furniture Painting Workshops

~ Teach people the art of upcycling furniture!


What inspires is the pleasure our customers get when they buy beautiful furniture at cheap prices. Their excitement is infectious. But creating something out of nothing inspires us even more!

Funding is mostly directed towards housing the community, but once housed there is no one there to help furnish the tenants property!

Being able to take pride in your home inspires and encourages people to keep their properties presentable to a high standard.

Decorating and furnishing your home mirrors self-respect and confidence.

Providing great quality affordable furniture leads to people living a better quality of life even if limited by lack of income.

We hope to branch out into supplying free furniture painting workshops to all and sundry.

This venture not only provides the community with a social outlet of coming together and learning a new skill, but helps to sustain the environment and offers people a platform for capitalising on their creative talents.

It’s As Easy As 123…

1)    Our enterprise will donate the items of defective furniture further keeping unwanted items out of landfill!

2)    Learning providers such as retired craftsmen and seasoned upcyclists can deliver the workshops transferring skills such as DIY, carpentry, painting techniques and polishing.

3)    We hope to receive funding as well as approach large retailers such as B&Q to donate furniture paint and other merchandise to help us achieve this ambition.

  • Promotes Self Employment

By providing the tools, materials, equipment and space we are helping people to profit from their own creations. This in turn helps to regenerate the community.

  • Promotes Recycling

We will donate large items of defected furniture for people to practice mending, fixing, painting etc

  • Learn a New Skill

It is imperative that the old dying trades are passed onto our younger community before they are forgotten. As well as learning new methods such as upcycling, shabby chic, distressing and decoupage; the older generation with experience of furniture polishing, carpentry and antiques can pass on their wisdom to others!

  • Knowledge of Furniture

Many second hand shop goers are always on the lookout for treasure! Antique dealing is not only a profitable trade but a knowledgeable one! Teaching people how to spot the differences between old and new pieces and the art of dating items is a skill many wish to learn more about.

Your funding will help us in the following areas to sustain and grow:-

-          Expansion & Running costs of the existing business in order to meet the higher demand we are currently faced with.

-          Second vehicle purchase/lease

-          Third retail outlet

-          Volunteers need to assist van drivers with carrying out 2 diaries of booked jobs! (we are booking now to a 3-4 day waiting period – we are aiming to achieve a 24 hour turnaround)

-          Funding/grants to pilot the furniture painting workshop. (The space required for workshops could be integrated into the third retail outlet if large enough).