Record our 4th Album and UK Tour 2016

Selina Marshall, from East Yorkshire and her band Zenith Nadir are looking for funding to complete their 4th album & UK Tour 2016/17.

 Selina Marshall, from East Yorkshire and her band Zenith Nadir are looking for funding in order to complete their 4th album and to promote it with a music video and a UK Tour in 2016/17. Thanks to previous funding the band have completed 3 previous UK tours with success, gaining the hearts of those who follow the band and also captivating new hearts with their music.

The band plays electronic fusion music, an electronic base line combining genres such as Latin rhythms, rock and pop. Selina plays Electric Violin, Alex is lead singer and Emmanuel plays bass guitar, keyboards and programming. Listen for yourself here: or on our website: 

Widely considered as creative, futuristic, hot, and innovative, Zenith Nadir create rapport with their audiences wherever they go, speaking and singing in English and Spanish. Their lyrics include stories about life, science fiction, experiences the band has had and much more... 

Selina Marshall while on her year abroad in Mexico City met Alex while he was promoting other independent bands and after working together for a few years they decided to start the band due to an experience which Alex had in the city. After having life threatening surgery he found himself in the desert in Mexico with a Shaman who helped him find peace and it's then that he started writing lyrics for the band. Emmanuel, really liked the stories and that's when the music started. 

Zenith Nadir would like to build on their first steps into the UK and European market and for that they would like you to support them... Thank you very much and enjoy the music!