Recollections is an album by the Birmingham-based Composer & poet Dom Mason. It is a multi-faceted project involving music, film & poetry xx

 'Recollections' is a project by the Birmingham-based composer & poet Dom Mason ( It is a multi-faceted project involving music, film & poetry.  Dom is renowned for his emotive compositions, and has worked on many films providing the original score. His most recent work is 'Valour' a WW1 Centenary-inspired composition which included a recording of Dom's poetry read by Sir Derek Jacobi, a collaboration he cherished. Valour premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2015.

So, what is Recollections?  

'Recollections' is an album of original music all written and composed by Dom, which will be premiered in March 2017 in Birmingham City Centre at The Electric Cinema ( He was inspired to write a collection of emotional vignettes about memories, nostalgia, and the poignant moments we encounter in life. The music will be performed by his own handpicked ensemble of talented musicians who have recorded with him on other projects. Including the sublime Emerald Strings Quartet ( 

Dom is lucky enough to have worked with some amazingly talented actors over the years, and some amazing talent will be working on this, reading his poetry and acting in the film sequences. Dom is very grateful for all of the actor crew's significant input and contributions thus far. Some of the talent are as follows:

Cameron  Moon-

Sha’ori Morris -

Charleen Meredith - 

Judith Georgi -

Nina Williams -

Filmmakers Simon Bloomfield, Sean McGrail (  Kieran Bourne ( and Edward Lui (

 will be producing a film sequence to accompany the live performance.

Dom has been working hard behind the scenes preparing the foundations for the project, writing all of the music, working hard on the logistical side of things and collating a team/crew for this. Dom has managed to utilise his own funds to get the project off the ground and has used his contacts in the industry to commence recording some of the musical parts. 

The time has now come for to ask for financial assistance to complete Recollections. This is to cover a few essential aspects of the project:

- Musicians costs

- Crew costs 

- Advertising fees 

- Recording studio costs 

- Album production costs 

- Venue hire fees for the live show

- Artwork costs 

- Film production costs

The schedule is to record the musical side of things from October-January, and start filming early in January 2017 which will give me and my crew time to edit the film prior to the launch in March 2017.

Dom knows that this can be a huge success, and with your help can make this a reality!

Please give what you can and feel free to share with friends :)

Thank you for your time.