Rannoch Women's Challenge

5 women, 3000 miles, 1 rowing boat, 3 world records

In June 2016, 5 women are going to attempt the original ocean rowing crossing. First completed in 1896 by 2 Norwegians, Samuelson and Harbo, the route crosses the North Atlantic, departing from New York and coming into the Isles of Scilly. 

We are aiming to break 3 World records. 

1. The fastest time for any crossing, currently set at 43 days, 21 hours 

2. The first all female crew to attempt this crossing

3. Crew member Molly will be the youngest female to have made this crossing. 

This is your chance to get involved and be part of a World Record-breaking challenge!

Your contribution will help pay for essential items, including but not limited to lifejackets, safety lines, foul weather gear, food, navigation systems, oars and the watermaker.


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