Cash for Calais

We're raising funds and volunteering in Calais. Please give generously, they need our help.

The camp may be decreasing in size but the population is increasing. French authorities demolished cafes and shops that not only provided free meals and cheap goods but also much-needed meeting points between refugees and volunteers. 
With 50% less camp space, conditions are worse than ever - 78% of children are living in the jungle alone and hundreds of unaccompanied children are missing. 
Mainstream media may have stopped reporting on conditions in the camp but thousands of desperate people are still living there and need our help. We're raising funds to respond to their basic human rights and needs - tents and sleeping bags are desperately needed with up to 50 new arrivals every day.
This October with money raised, John Lanyon (Hurricane), David Johnston (Echoic Audio), Mon Merttens, Wilf Merttens, Jess Lyons and Hannah Braye are hoping to purchase as many urgently needed items as possible, fill up the Hurricane van and offer their assistance in the jungle. 
Any money we do not use to purchase said goods will be donated towards simple things like mobile phones and phone credit  - credit saves lives and keeps people in touch with their families. 
For more information about the charity 'Help Refugees' and they work they do, please check and give generously.
Thank you.